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Post Subject: Jupiter versus Dueland versus VCAPSPosted by JOHNR on: 7/27/2016
I have run each of these for long periods and can validly comment.

My power amp circuitry is a 6N1 based Mu Follower driving a 2A3 in turn driving a 3K Tamura amorphous core OPT.
The 6N1 tube is a special military type that is not freely available.

There are two caps in the circuit, a 0.15 uF 250 volt coupling cap within the MuF and the 2A3 cap is a 0.22 uF preferably 630 volt type.

These caps are noted in order of use over the past 3 years as the 2A3 grid drive......
The vcaps both old and new type (said to be caused by a change of Teflon type) will give you dynamics, musicality and everything else.
They do not take much to run in either.

The Jupiter early version, is a little coloured but gives a nice P.I.O. sound.  You will enjoy the music and will see no reason to change
The larger brown bodied version is superior and delivers what you want i.e. clean and fast dynamic and above all else, music!
Running in takes months but not years.

The Duelands are a bit special in a number ways. 
They took a year to run in.  At first the sound was the same as the VCAP.
And a bit like new Black Gates, each musical band changed over this extended running in period so I could never tell when the running in had completed.
I am still not sure if it has completed even today.
BTW, Jensen did have a role in these but not anymore.  Go to their website for their story.

During this period, no changes were made to the power amps themselves.

The most favoured cap in my experience is the vintage Jensen PIO BUT, it is the 0.22 1600 volt version.  The other voltages are somewhat slow. 
Alas you will not find them anymore.  I bought mine in a  job lot 20 years ago.


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