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Post Subject: Somewhat similar question about bearing on 1500Posted by chaslieb on: 2/4/2016
I just acquired a Micro RX-1500. Without the platter on, the bearing unit turns very slowly suggesting a highly viscous oil. The spindle turns freely, but the feel to my fingers is like turning a spoon in honey. It undoubtedly will turn much more freely with a heavy platter on top with a pull on the outside edge. Nevertheless, the age of the table leads me to believe that the oil has gummed up.  

There is a stern warning on the bottom plate of the bearing which says, "Do not remove rear cap of the center shaft. If this warning is not heeded, the oil which is hermetically sealed will escape and this will cause trouble."  [-X  

I fear the wrath of the Micro Seiki label makers and note that the high viscosity can be intentional as it certainly will reduce vibration or wear of metal on metal. Have you tried turning their RX version Seiki spindle without the platter, and is it meant to be so viscous? Has anyone removed the bottom plate and cleaned the spindle or replaced the oil?  What type of oil is supposed to be used?

This deck has the vacuum plate so the viscosity may also prevent the oil from running into the vacuum ports. Any one with a heavy platter Micro with a non-air bearing is asked to put in their experiences.



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