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Post Subject: Shunted to groundPosted by anthony on: 1/21/2016
 Romy the Cat wrote:
I sometimes visit an Australian site and familiarize myself with progress of “acg” who it trying to build Macondo like acoustic system. 
A few weeks ago I requested at the site and answered a few open questions. I do not think I argued with anybody or was involved in any controversial topics. In fact it looks like the member in there were appreciative of my contribution. Well, for whatever reasons I got banned from the sites. My initial sentiment was why the hell they doing it? Well, thinking for another 5 seconds I realized that my initial reasoning was very accurate and in fact did not change over the last good 20 years: audio people generally and whose who elect themselves in administrative position particularly are fucking idiots. It is not a big deal. The might joint a long list of the audio sites that do not deserve my presents and they can die this their little pathetic secret. Nevertheless, the efforts of the “acg” has nothing to do with the idiocy of the site administrators and sine I discovered that “acg” asked me direct quite intelligent questions and since I can’t answer them at the Australian site I decided to make the Australian’s Macondo discussion available at my site. 

Hi Romy,

Here I was thinking that you were on holidays or had forgotten about the project or had forsaken me for a moron but it turns out stereonet shunted your membership to ground, so to speak.  I saw no reason for the moderators to behave that way and your posts were certainly appreciated by more than just myself and I am happy to continue the conversation here.

I started that thread as a way of cataloguing the project and did not do so here because I felt that the content would not be entirely appropriate for this site, which I see as more of a 'knowledge bank' rather that a 'meeting place' that most sites seem to be.  As with my "Planning my DSET" thread here, I will try to keep the posts relevant to the topic of putting together my Macondo.

Time is a little short right now, but I will come back later with a little more information and go through the remainder of the points that you raised.



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