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Post Subject: Formation of capacitors or the "cable memeory"Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/22/2006

I do not think Genn is close to an answer, he spent too much time to read the Lehnitsky’s brain-massage that made him to feel this way.

I am sure that there are some kinds of very pragmatic, predicable and manageable explanations for the effect that I have mentioned above. Perhaps the formation of capacitors has something to do with it or perhaps the “problem” with my cables.

The entire system wired with Dominus that is very freaky. It has not-fixed capacitance and if I believe correctly it fluctuates between 15pf and 75pf per meter, while a signal flows. Perhaps because the Dominus’ fluids take time to self-adjust the cable's electric characteristics the worsening of sound does take pleace when the system is raw or out of the "cable memeory"? It is well known how Dominus reacts to shaking and I have seen how it reacts to the current loading....
Perhaps it is not the amps need the "refreshing memory" but the cables? Who knows…

The Cat

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