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Post Subject: OK, the “truth” about the 6C33C.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/20/2006

OK, first off all I have moved the latest posts to the “How to drive 6C33C” thread.

Regarding the operation point. My initial intention was to give Melquiades’ output as ML2 did: 175V, .310mA. What is important is to understand that for LF channel I would like to have much power as I could get, within the audible limits and reasons. I never dialed up power with LF channel but juts dumpling, which forced me to order two separate transformers, unfortunately. For the MF and Upper bass channels I really did not care about power and was only conserved about the relations about the harmonic correctness and “speed”. Another reasons why I did not care about the operation point in the beginning because with 8 sections of the Landhale transformers and 100-150mA of the spare gap size it is possible to configure any imaginable loading and play with different currents. 

The Milq’s design goes not really cares about the operation point of the output stage and when the amp was done it was spent quite a lot of time and efforts to fine what would be more suitable to drive that 6C33C. So, my operation points are juts what I ended up due to the experiments and listening and not something that I believe “should be”. BTW, the Super Melquiades plate transformers are 1A with triple secondary: 330V, 300V and 270V, minus the drooping in the rectification and LCRC: 10H -100uF - 50R – 10.000uF

 Ronnie wrote:
The 230V 165mA point for the LF sections does not look so bad to me...

Ronnie, do not forget that the 130mA or 165mA for “bad electicity” is the operation for the MF channels. The MF channels are ½ of the 6C33C, not a whole 6C33C.

 guy sergeant wrote:
I haven't measured anything I was just looking at the data sheet for the valve.

I do not know what you fantasy yourself. I have very little understanding it interest to looking at the distortions patter. They are juts numbers. Put the amps in bath and measure it’s water displacement and then claim that it does 63.473 of “something”. That “something” has as much to do with Sound as temperature in Sahara desert relates to appetite of polar bears in Antarctica. BTW, if it does means anything (not for me though) then I might tell that when the Melquiades and Super Melquiades were made Dima and I spent quite few affords/time to run different tests with generator and scope. We did not measure the distortions but Dima has a lot of experience to interpret those images and he told that the Milq at full power has around 5% of distortions, whatever it means

 guy sergeant wrote:
When I get around to making these I shall make them as close as possible to your detailed design. I want them to be representative of what you are listening to so I can better understand the elements of playback you feel are important. There doesn't seem to be any point in changing anything.

Guy, all that I can tell you that you use completely WRONG motivations and if your want to have a replica of what I’m listening then do not west your time. It is completely idiotic intention to subscribe Romy the Cat’s believe in sound, some kind of Framer’s believe in sound of a believe in sound of some kind of Moron from AA. The only motivation that you should have would be your implicit nailing down what exactly is wrong with your current amplifier, what exactly you would like to change and in which direction. There was nothing more inelegant ever written about audio upgrades then this:

Once again, my feelings of importance should not bother you. Develop your own and follow them. Read agene the release notes for the Milq. The Melquiades meant for the people who have objectives, not just the blind frustrations….

Romy the Cat

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