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Post Subject: .. and what would it means?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/20/2006

Guy, but you measure harmonic distortions and get out of your measurements juts numbers. How those numbers relates to anything else you do not know. The harmonic distortions are not audible but only the mechanism the crates them; however your “numbers” do not describe the mechanic of the harmonic distortions creation. Not to mention that the auditable distortions are not the delta between the outputs and input but much more complicated creation.

It is possible that with higher current 6C33C measures better and even has lower plate impedance but it does not necessary serve any useful purpose to me.  I personally get correct sound with good electricity at 165mA or perhaps 185mA and with higher currents I need to use a transformer with different amount of the secondary turns as Sound become too sharp. Why would I need it?

I really do not know how to interpret the results of your measurements besides to accept then as “just numbers”. Probably if you need to make a good amplifier to satisfy your distortion analyzer then you needs to get a good SS amp from 80s that has .00005% distortions. Sorry, I do not need it. I have much more objective ways to assess the harmonic pattern of amplifiers.

Romy the Cat

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