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Post Subject: Training amplifiersPosted by Romy the Cat on: 3/20/2006

I have seen it cars and have seen in electronics but I never seen it as dramatic as in the Super Melquiades. I am talking about the ability of amplifiers to be unbroke-in if they are not being used.

I have seen some amplifiers the after a couple month of not working requires good 30-40 hours of burning-in to sound good. But the Super Melquiades, for whatever reasons is very picky regarding this.  Sine the amp was born in July it was pretty much running dally for a couple hours and sometime all day long on weekends. Lately I use it 2-3 times per week, not more then r-6 hour a week. The amp sounds very purely. Interesting that in order to put it back to shape it requires 3-4 hours of containing burning the amp after 3-4 none-operational days.

I wonder why would it be so and why a single chasses Melquiades monoblocks, the were pretty much the same amplifiers did not have this behavior

Romy the Cat

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