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Post Subject: Re: A rant about cartridges and everything else.Posted by Antonio J. on: 10/19/2004

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Thanks for the comment, since I read your other post about the plain 103 and other 103 models, I decided to post my reply here, but it had been better in the other thread. I have no experience with the 103M and in general with phono carts. You're right, one has to have good luck selecting his cart since it's not possible to try them, so you need a trusty pal or a lot of good luck, but there's few people one can really trust these days, and surely they're not into the "audio bussiness".

I'm quite glad with my Frog, but once it dies, thing it will do, I'm thinking about a Shelter 901. I know you like it, but no friend of mine has it. Do you have any recommendations about the tonearm (eff mass, length, settings...)


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