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Post Subject: Catching Up on "Upgrades"Posted by Paul S on: 9/5/2015
I just completed (DIY!) several "factory" "upgrades" to my SE phono stage. While I had no frustrations with the unit, I have been reading designer Kevin Carter's careful explanations of the changes he has worked out over the past few years. These mods have to do with effectively stiffening the power supply, also swinging more voltage with less significant noise and distortion, along with lowering output impedances. Another change had to do with finding a way to use better-sounding SS gain stages. I also added another VR, so I can control (play with) another operating point.

I guess it will take a while for the new parts to break in. I listened for several hours today. Electricity was OK in the morning, and it took a couple of hours before the new parts began to sour. At its best (so far) the "new" SE is pretty much what I'd hoped for, namely more of the same, and better; it has remained a "listening tool" that has only gotten more literal. Basically it's up to the artists. Good music poorly recorded sounds just like that, etc. etc. A couple of nice new tricks: undamped piano chords "ring off" with all strings sounding clearly; center fill is better.

I'm sure I will have more to say when the new parts come back to life, maybe 200 hrs., or so.

Anyone who wants to can read Kevin Carter's thoughts on this subject at the kandkaudio website.

Paul S

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