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Post Subject: Teaser videoPosted by cv on: 8/13/2015
Yes, I absolutely loved the ending of the video - such a tease... I would guess that it's exactly what they wanted.

Having viewed it again, Romy, I see what you mean about the larger horns' profile - looks like very truncated expo to me now... I was going from memory of seeing some early prototypes a while back.

I will have to be convinced about the theory of the odd vs even number of petals argument, I can't imagine it makes as much difference as that, at least not as the number of petals increases. But I will leave it open until I've actually heard a comparison.

"Might be I need to hook them up with Steve the Farmer, he is from the same region; runs his winery somewhere in there and even became some kind of local politician."

Ha! Yes I'm well aware that all that has little to do with sound, at least not directly, but it's still a very different raison d'etre to some of the other guys mentioned.

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