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Post Subject: Re: Denon 103MPosted by Antonio J. on: 10/17/2004

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I have recently received two CDs from a friend who owns a SME turntable, has been using a Van den Hul Colibrí cartridge, and for fun purposes, set up a DL-103 on it (which I own but still have to set up). I have been listening to both recordings, playing the same tracks from several vinyls ranging from rock to classical and jazz.

IMHO the DL-103 is everything Romy says. It is balanced, quite detailed, fast, but it doesn't have the harmonical richness of the Colibrí or the Frog I own, which I've also compared. Kind of gray scale. Perhaps it's not a bad cart for the money, in fact I've not been lucky to find a better sounding cart for the 120 euros it costs in Europe, but it doesn't make it outstanding.

When I set up mine, I'll come back with my direct impressions.

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