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Post Subject: More Lpads...Posted by anthony on: 6/23/2015
 Romy the Cat wrote:
I think it is about right. The 6C33C for upper base has 100K biasing resistor and 20K to ground in Lpad. That would make ~60Hz. This high pass that unload the LF from the horns that it can’t handle is very important as you do not want driver to pressurize the horn by sound that could not be passed by horn. You need to go with high resolution RTA and plot a low knee of the horn decay, full range. Then you need to get the filter and run it just to be barely visible at the plot. Then drop a half of the octave and it would be your crossover point.

I have to admit that I have studied the DSET schematic and I just plain missed the Lpads for the 6C33C bias.  Kind of obvious really that they should be there considering the variable resistor in that place on the fullrange Milq schematic, but for some reason I missed it.

Romy, do you use an Elma rotary switch with RN60 resistors for these 6C33C bias LPads (Bass, Upperbass and Injection)?  What sort of attenuation step should I be looking for here? 



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