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Post Subject: Caps at high frequencies...Posted by anthony on: 6/18/2015
 Romy the Cat wrote:

When you are taking about “caps at higher frequencies”, then what do you mean? The line level, the speaker level, the line level between? Do not forget that a RL filter is always preferable over C filter.

It was reference to the range of frequencies that the lower frequency DSET channels with coupling caps are required to pass.  Like a typical audio moron I have read a few things online recently about different people using different caps for various tasks in various systems with various listening preferences with various...well you get the idea...but the main talking points seem to be midrange or top-end with not a great deal of talk about differences at bass frequencies, which is where the coupling caps are used in the DSET Milq.  I am left with the impression that the DSET will be less influenced by the choice of coupling caps than a fullrange Milq, and that I will probably get good results with a solid performer but not necessarily over-the-top cap in those positions.

However, the caps in the line level filters may be a different matter because they are working with the entire frequency range, so perhaps the best quality caps should be used there.  As an aside I think that I may have just found a good source for these filter caps in Electrocube 950B's and am waiting for a quote (someone actually has stock of the smaller values - but not of the larger 2uF caps).  If it pans out I will sort out the filters with Electrocubes and then when everything is settled try some other brands to see if there can be any improvement.

 Romy the Cat wrote:
The Electrocubes are not as expensive as you think. If you look their inventory then you can get them for a few bucks each. Alternativly you can look at eBay and you will always find someone has leftover and sell them very cheap, for $1 per 2uF/450V cap/ I have bought quite a lot of this way.

I have had an eBay alert set for 6 months now and it has not alerted me of any 2uF caps.  I don't live in the US so maybe I only get alerted about the ones that ship worldwide.

On the other hand these people that I found with some Electrocube stock do have 1.5uF and 3uF sizes (apparently), so perhaps those values are ok to use instead of 2uF and 1uF in your schematic.

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