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Post Subject: Gray marketPosted by steverino on: 6/16/2015

It is possible that he is concerned about people in the big Asian country near Japan taking these various ideas and producing knockoffs or even worse upgrades to his basic design. It is revealing that he says "intellectual deprivation" rather than some more legalistic term. Also it is revealing that he references the early 70s for his study of capacitors. He seems to be admitting he has not done any recent work.

Here is a short quote from a Stereophile interview with Tim deP:

De Paravicini: Initially, at about the age of 13, I started constructing them from articles in the hobbyist magazines. Since I couldn't afford to buy all the parts I needed, they had to be stripped from old radios and televisions from scrap yards. My frustration at the performance of those construction projects forced me to look at their design. I ended up having to try and be innovative, starting from square one to come up with my own improved design.

Well what goes around comes around. But I can understand if he fears someone trying to directly profit from a knockoff. It doesn't seem that he is accusing you of that; merely making ideas about improvements more widely known.

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