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Post Subject: I did not tell the whole story...Posted by anthony on: 6/3/2015
 Romy the Cat wrote:
 anthony wrote:
I am often drawn to the super-clean sound …. 
 I do not think that use the term of “super-clean sound” in the same way. Vienna Philharmonic does not have “super-clean sound” from the perspective of most of contemporary orchestras. They have different fingering on clarinets, different reeds on oboes, rotary trumpets, narrow trombones, valveless horns and dozens other differences, some the part of design and some of the part of usability. As the result the sound is very distinctively different very far from “clean” but it has completely deferent meaning when colorations actually do server a very positive purpose and that coloration do fort what we call today Viennese Sound.

I chastise my father from time to time because these days he often begins stories in the middle and leaves out the beginning where the context is set, and in my previous post I left out the context regarding "super-clean".

The way that I was using "super-clean" of course has caveats:  I don't like it across the board for all (or probably most) of the music that I listen to;  some modern music that is intentionally stripped of the harmonics during production actually seems to benefit from a "super-clean" or even "sterile" playback (think electronic music in particular, or modern R&B).  I do listen to electronic music occasionally (throwback to my youth probably) and believe it or not much of it is quite well mastered and with all its tricks and quirks and hooks it does sound very good on a "super-clean" system.  But then I listen to Mahler or Elgar or Jascha Heifetz and I yearn for a greater immersion in the colours and emotions of their works..."super clean" just does not work for me there.  

 Romy the Cat wrote:
It is very difficult to go for this level of sonic creativity with audio but only after one does go there then the use of term of “super-clean sound” with some kind “offence” connotation I find reasonable. I do think that until you experiment with “non- cleanliness injections”  (in one way or other) you truly do not use the term of “super-clean sound” in the same way as I do.

Well, that, in a nutshell, is why I have chosen Macondo/Melquiades.  My version of super-clean was only working on occasion for me, and it was generally under-whelming on much of the music I love, but without building speakers and amplifiers myself and experimenting/learning for a long, long time I could not see a viable way of getting just what I want.  Hopefully Macondo/Milq will shorten the long, long time into just a long time, and I will end up with a system on which I can play any style of music to my satisfaction.



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