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Post Subject: Thinking further about the MF channel...Posted by anthony on: 6/2/2015
Thanks Romy.

I have secured a couple of pair of YO186 and some 1940's Sylvania 45's to play with.  I wish the YO186 were easier to come by but I think that I now have enough for me to get a very good idea of the capabilities of the tube and circuit, and how they will suit my objectives.

Still, I am thinking about the 10Y/801A/VT25/VT62.  Romy, I understand that to bring the 10Y into Melquides I would need 7.5V for the filaments and about 400V for the plate.  Plate resistance is higher in the 10's, 5k compared to about 1.2k-1.6k for YO186/45, and I am not sure how this would affect operation of the Milq circuit particularly interstage coupling.  Reading up I have noticed that some guys prefer much more primary impedance in the OPT than the 10k specified in the 10Y datasheet, up to 16k in fact.  Of course this is in the context of a full-range implementation but I notice that the David Slagle OPT that you use for MF has a 9k primary impedance (if my memory serves me right), which is getting near there already.

I have noticed that you have written about your interest in the 10Y, and I am for sure no circuit designer, but given your experience with Milq perhaps you could share some of your thoughts about the viability of putting this tube into the Milq for MF.  Compared to the 45, I am not sure what extra the 10Y would bring as far as sound is concerned (I can only go on "impressions" of other people with other systems using the tubes differently), but seeing as though I will be starting from scratch with my DSET I would be able to add the required voltages for 10Y upfront so long as it does not look too difficult to get the tube to work with 6E6P.



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