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Post Subject: Second round of questions...Posted by anthony on: 5/28/2015
Romy, thank-you for your help so far.  Unfortunately I now have some more hopefully simple questions regarding the "pre-final" schematic from your "6 Channel Melquiades" thread (see below).




1.    Do you have a “final version” of the schematic anywhere?
2.    6E5P/6E6P resistor between plate and grid.  Is this resistor influential to sound?  I notice that at one stage you used a “high-quality” S102 resistor here but later on you are not necessarily using them.
3.    What is the resistor in the Fundamentals Channel between the OPT and the S2?  Apart from this resistor you run the S2 without any components between it and the OPT.
4.    LPad for MF S2.  Are you still running the LPad between the OPT and S2?  I assume that the four resistors shown in the schematic at that position signify the LPad and not something else.
5.    Yellow circle with cross.  On the schematic at the lower-right side there is a yellow circle with a cross next to a 33K resistor.  I am not familiar with this annotation…could you please tell me what it is?
6.    Two sets of gas tubes.  Have you considered more than one set of bias, say one for LF and one for HF?  Do you think it could have any positive or negative effect?  I have no idea.
7.    mV Meters on B+.  Is their only purpose to check the plate voltage for the individual output stages?  Would you consider leaving them out?
8.    Do you use an hour meter to monitor tube life?  If so I imagine that it would be installed straight after the power switch.  Is this true?

I apologise for the bombardment.



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