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Post Subject: DHT in the DSETPosted by anthony on: 5/27/2015
 Romy the Cat wrote:
Make the full-range and then you will see where you are. Still, I feel that for MF channels it is beneficial for do with a good DHT output stage instead of 6C33C and perhaps it is a good idea to use DHT driver as well. So, when you strategy your 5ch DSET do consider that you might want to do non-standard Milq for MF. 

My interest is mainly in the 10Y/801A/VT25 tubes on one hand and the 45 on the other hand.  The YO186 also interests me a lot especially after reading your impressions of it in your circuit and system, but it is a very difficult tube to get a hold of and is quite expensive.  The 10Y etc. seem relatively reasonably priced and quite available, however I don't have a ready-made circuit or even knowledge of how they work with Macondo, so I am tempted to just follow your DHT lead with the 6E6P and DHT MF, especially considering that I don't want to be testing/developing amplifiers for much longer than I have to even if I may end up with a better result going the longer route.  

My primary concern about a DHT driver is the low gain of those tubes (10Y is about 8x compared to 6E5P of 32x) and having to use an input transformer to improve gain and its effect on the crossover for MF.   
 Romy the Cat wrote:
In your case, if you have Milq driving the line away of 8 25W/8565-00 towers drivers in the room of near 300 sq and tall ceiling I would predict that you will be in a "dangers zone" and will be running out of gain.

I thought I might be pushing the limit.  Do you think it would be possible to increase gain by using an input transformer on the DSET ULF channel to boost signal level?  I am not sure how this would mess with the low-pass filter.

Otherwise I could add a decent SS amp or maybe even push-pull 6C33C. 



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