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Post Subject: Planning my DSETPosted by anthony on: 5/25/2015

Hi Romy,

I am planning my own DSET build.  I have based my speakers on your Macondo and am busy turning MDF horns in my spare time.  Once that is over I will move onto amplifiers.  I plan to build a fullrange Melquiades for a friend and then if that works out the DSET 6 or 7 channel version for myself.

Of course I have read the threads and am reasonably familiar with the evolution of DSET Melquiades in the context of your system but there are still a few questions.  The question at the front of my mind is the following hypothetical: 

“How would you proceed with another DSET build knowing what you know now?” 

If you are willing I would like to work through this in stages.  This is a project that will evolve with time as I build the speakers and move them into the new room.  Initially there will be 5 Channels:

Raal Lazy Ribbon - Direct Tube Drive
S2 into 400Hz tractrix
S2 into 250Hz tractrix
Fane 8M into 115Hz tractrix
Scanspeak 25W/8565-00 towers – 8 drivers each

Then, if the results are satisfactory and the final position of the speakers in the room permits I will experiment with:

K15/40 Midbass Horn
Injection Channel

A very familiar system to you indeed, and I hope you don’t mind me using it as my starting point.  I don’t want to spend a decade or two trying to develop a satisfying horn system from scratch so I am using your documented experiences to make a strong start so that with any luck and a measure of persistence my system is matured within a couple of years and I can let the whole diy thing pass for other endeavours. 

So, to start, I am unsure of a few things regarding the operation of your amps.



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