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Post Subject: Re: Tchaikovsky's letters and not onlyPosted by Romy the Cat on: 3/7/2006

 hifitodd wrote:
Romy, have you read the book that details Romy's relationship with Najda von Meck?  I don't want to change the thread to a discussion of whether or not Tchaikovsky is gay, but it is pretty clear through the letters that Tchaikovsky wrote himself that he had less-then-heterosexual feelings towards his wife, that he had a "condition," and of his uneasiness in general.

I think it was not the Romy's relationship with Najda von Meck but the Tchaikovsky’s relationship with Najda von Meck, wasn’t it?  :-)

Anyhow, the relationship between Tchaikovsky and his wife could not illustrate anything and defiantly might not be the evident of the Tchaikovsky’’s self-elected homosexuality. The Tchaikovsky’s wife was idiot, a mentally, intellectually and feminine disturbed women. All motioned noted this, all Tchaikovsky’s surrounding motioned this, even her friends fro the conservatory had mention this. It is very much not surprised that being exposed to this women Tchaikovsky has a nervous break down. In fact a few years after the Tchaikovsky his wife behaved very diagnosable and very asocial and ended up in a metal institution. Should we blame Tchaikovsky for this?

Yes, I read his maters, his letters and many others things and this why I feel very comfortable to not consider that Tchaikovsky wasn't a homosexual.


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