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Post Subject: Nespa ProPosted by Antonio J. on: 2/24/2006
I must admit that the physical concept of flashing some powerful light on the playing surface of a CD to eliminate gas bubbles interfering with the laser reading, made very little sense. But on the other hand, especially since I have learned how to set up objectives for my system and listening priorities, and having tried Romy's suggestions that have been very instructive, the device and its effect raised a lot of curiosity on me.

I had tried other CD tweaks like green markers, mats and others, which some had some effect, but not really worth in the direction I wanted, so I've not being using tweaks for a long time and my interest for them was close to none.

I decided to purchase the Nespa Pro, in the belief that having a more powerful light than the #1 it would have more effect if any. I ordered the unit to the UK distributor, who was very helpful and had a sensible price compared to the prices it's sold in Japan and in the US or other countries.

The unit arrived three days ago, and I've just treated three CDs chosen from my collection for different personal reasons. I listened to all three complete before treatment and after treatment, not really in an A/B way, but just trying to focus in the things that now I consider important. The results have been clear with two of the CDs and less obvious with the third one, although some changes were present. I suppose that the effect can be different depending on the quality of the CD printing. Maybe the disc showing less changes after the treatment (I applied 120 shots to every one) might have more if I repeat it.

I'm not skilled to explain in English all what I have experienced. The Nespanization of the CDs makes them sound more in the way that vinyl or FM does, which to me is allowing a better focus into the music and the performance, forgetting about "the sounds". The gap of the interaction I experience with the music when listening to vinyl or to CDs, has been narrowed. Maybe I'm a victim of my own expectations and I'm hearing things that I'm just imagining, but if this is the way it works, it's very welcome anyway, at least has showed more placebo effect than other tweaks.

I'm glad Romy raised my interest for this device, it's sure that I had never tried it solely for the reviews it got.



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