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Post Subject: Cessaro Gamma II and Omega I.Posted by xandcg on: 9/7/2014

I'm just registered here.
I'm looking around for more detailed specs about Cessaro 'Gamma II' and 'Omega I' but I barely found something. Since I'm not a prospective buyer just a curious I won't contact Cessaro asking for informations.

The 'Gamma II' is noticed on Beethoven description (site) and I just found somewhere it use a similar "bass horn" of the 'Omega I' but smaller. But there are no more information like efficiency etc.

The 'Omega I' I just found the information the site. So, no efficiency, dimentions, weight etc.

If anyone eventually know I would like to know just for the sake of curiosity. Also, where I can find a complete price list of Cessaro products including the 'Gamma II' and 'Omega I'? I found some prices here but it may be outdated and others prices I found around the internet do not match very well. Some places say the Liszt cost 100K€ other 120K€ - 20K is not a small difference.


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