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Post Subject: There is no need to put one ass on multiple sitsPosted by Romy the Cat on: 6/16/2014
 rowuk wrote:
Oleg has a lot of bad press in Germany for unkept promises and defaulting on delivery of product. Just keep an open mind next to the open ear. The best product only serves a purpose if it a) arrives and b) performs.

I really like the things that he thinks about - especially maintenance. Being able to replace diaphragms with tight gaps easily show real forward thinking!

Yes, I have seen a lot of allegations of fraud and dishonesty from former USSR customer, I think Oleg from there as well.  However, I did not mean to have their thread as some kind of testimony or research over Rullit products. I never heard them and even if I hid I have no framework to try them. The reason of  post it in my Audio For Dimmest section is to mock the reviewer stressing of  "full-rangenes" of this Rullit's basically MF driver.

There is one more. Lance state how wonderful the Aero at the peripherals of own band-path. That is interesting as  using the Rullit driver between Altec 416 and RAAL tweeter the comment that Lance made is more a testimony about the upper bound of Altec or lower knee of RAAL. We all know how RAAL sounds at 8kHz and how Altec 416 does at 150Hz. So, a sane observation from my perspective would be to  move the Altec-Rullit crossover point  up and own half octave and to describe how Rullit driver behave. The same atop with connector with RAAL.

BTW, I do not think that this Rullit's driver shall be bad but it would be no better or worth than any other 8" driver from LF perspective. Sure, Rullit might use some nice suspension, I presume leather-like and this is all right. The problem is that LF is a multiplication of surface by exertion  divided over acoustic shortage of baffle. Let presume that Lance use a very large baffle then we have surface by exertion and we all know that exertion is bitch. Yes, the super non-inertia suspension and hugely underhand VC do make dereference but let make a mental experiment. Put not one but 2 Rullit Aero-8 drives per channel. Now we have 1.4dB more sensitivity and each of the drivers exert twice less. Would it improve the LF response? I am sure it would and if so then the lower knee of the Rullit need to be driver up. There is nothing to do in open air with 8" driver at 150Hz and 6dB per octave filter. Sure, a better driver would do better than shitty yellow drivers but 8" driver that trying to go all the way up and trying to push 150hz is necessary absurdity in my views. It might be good to prove the concept but absolutely not necessary for applied sound reproduction. There are reasons exists violins and cellos, cornets and bass trombones....

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