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Post Subject: Today.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/28/2014
It is not frequent Bruckner 7 in Boston and today is the day. Ben Zander takes today Boston Philharmonic with one single concert of Bruckner 7 at the symphony whole. I kind of feel almost responsible as I was harassing him last year asking him to play Bruckner 7, and today is the day.

On Monday I was at rehearsal and I was kind of surprised. It was a small and very live hall. BPO did the own usually thing – something is good and something is not and then they blew absolutely stunning second movement – from state to end – absolutely wonderfully! No it was not Matacic with Czechs but it was good enough.

What else was very imprecise was the fact the any single instruction the Zander give to the orchestra was something that I would give myself, so naturally Zander was brilliant. :-)

I told to Ben that there are only two type people in the world: those who have a privilege to stay at the podium while orchestra opening up those magnificent first bars the Bruckner 7 adagio and… the rest of the people. Well, tonight is the day. The fact that Kitty is playing my Bruckner 7 makes me naturally super enthusiastic …

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