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Post Subject: How can this be explained? Posted by drdna on: 2/9/2006

 Romy The Cat wrote:
...always I felt that after the optical finalization my CD playback needed to add a very-very little at high frequency......Still, my CD, Tuner, 3 different tonearms with 3 different phonostages produce pretty much identical sound with regards to frequency balance...

I am very puzzled as to how this phenomenon occurs, as this device almost sounds like something Peter Belt would make.

If the finalizer really makes the disc more accurate, the HF information was extra digital noise, BUT comparison to the other sources say this is not true because they have the appropriate HF information.  So, then this suggests there is a loss of HF information with the finalizer.

THEN how can exposing a digital source like CD to bright light result in HF frequency loss?

AND since the exact frequencies affected by HF loss of the Finalizer and the frequencies covered by the tweeter adjustment are not likely to be exactly the same, then when the tweeter is adjusted to correct the HF loss frequencies, does it also boost up too much some other frequencies (perhaps in the lower HF area?) to create a euphonic result?


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