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Post Subject: Some shades of the Micro Seiki’s bonsai.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/9/2006

Recently, since I‘m doing some remodeling of my turntable, there was some noise on my site about Micro Seiki turntables. I really do not want to push my site toward to becoming one of the typical audio fetish sites but in context of this thread I would like to offersa few images of Micro Seiki.

micro 8000-2.jpg

The picture above is one of the latest productions of Micro Seiki. It is Model 8000-II. It is very uncommon version as it features the poll pieces that are not made exclusively to use it with dual-pivot armboard, allowing mounting three tonearms instead of juts two. Also, it has a shorter version of supporting air-base that is not as ugly as the Micro’s standard BA-600. The owner uses a new Kusma linear tracking tonearm that took place of the right and the front arm-pivot, making it all-together this turntable very comfy. If the owner did not use the dead sounding Burmester speakers with this turntable combined with a “Die Hard: With a Vengeance” subwoofer then it would be possible to talk with the him about Sound….

micro 1.jpg

micro 2.jpg

micro 3.jpg

The 3 images above were sent to me by a visitor of my site as an illustration of an incredible madness that some Japanese turntables people might dive into. Japanese folks very frequently (and very unfortunately!!!) precipitated with a notion that natural materials would produce “natural sound”. Well, chicken feather is a natural material, why they do not use it for their tonearms? Anyhow, here is a person took a large chunk of wood (I’m sure it is some kind of Stewartia or Snowbell  tree) and converted it into a TT base using a Micro Seiki’sd platter. I have no idea how it sound and if it all make any sense but I’m sure that his wife was very pleased that he spent that weekend in the  family basement making his turntable instead of smoking marijuana in a local strip club…. :-)

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