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Post Subject: Yeah, well...Posted by clarkjohnsen on: 1/17/2014
Thanks for the tip, I may even skip it on the broadcast.

Back in '69 I heard the London Phils do the B9 under Haitink in the Royal Festival Hall. It was pretty much what Romy says about the Eschenbach.

Want a great but barely known recording? The Munich Phils under Sigmund von Hausegger from 1938. He was the first conductor to perform the B9 in its original form, in a historic 1932 concert that opened with Lowe's Wagnerized version, then after intermission Bruckner's stark own.

The original 78s (I have both HMVs and RCAs, the latter preferred) sound, of course, way better than any of the anemic transfers I've heard. Oh, well.


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