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Post Subject: …and the “brilliant” review by Panagiotis KaravitisPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/5/2014
I have no idea who Panagiotis Karavitis is. He isist that he is doctor and I hope he is better doctor then an audio reviewers, if not then I hope he cure only republicans….

Honestly I did not read the Karavitis’ review in while. I did first paragraph and it was enough to collude that he is idiot.

Karavitis wrote: “There are legends in the hi-fi industry as in everything else. There is one, concerning a well-known US-based designer and his obsession for air transport as being the only safe way for shipping his enormous crates filled with tube amps. Then there is another legend, about a company who produces the same phono stage for more than 10 years and never changed a bit in the design. People say that this company rarely changes something in the original design.”

Nope, dear doctor-proctologist Karavitis. There is no need to stick yourself in anybody ass. It is not to mention that there is no legends hi-fi industry but there is a desire for some fools to invent legends.  

Your stupid story about obsession for air transport is story of your imagination and uniformity. Lamm pack his equipment in wooden crates that is mixed blessing. The problem is that all shipping companies as soon they see wooden crates then automatically presume that the content of the crates could not be damaged and handle the wooden crates very rough. This is exactly why many makers who see very fragile and very expensive equipment never use wooden crates.

Your comment about changes in the design is also damn. Probably you need to educate yourself at least do not publish your stupid review at the same day when the products that you have reviewer got terminate and was replaced by… an updated design.  
I do not know what that “reviewer” else wrote. I have no interest to read his BS. A few days ago Amy made me to watch the HBO newsroom and I was watching how they fight with public figures go to microphones and stupidly lying… I wonder what Dr. Karavitis would pull of if his ass next: would it be that Lamm is Marssian or that his cartridge is cooled by heavy water.

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