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Post Subject: You must hear it to believe itPosted by Kerry Brown on: 11/21/2013

Why preface my comments ? I've had the same system for 10 years basically. 

I do use digital crossovers but the 'Class D' NuForce amps are not digital at all. And the NuForce amps don't sound like stereotypical Class D amps, they are very quiet, dynamic and sound very natural. The DEQX crossover/processors don't sound 'digital' either.

I realize my setup is strange but it works very well. I know it's hard to believe but my stereo sounds closer to real than any other system I have listened to. Not that I have listened to all that many systems other than poor setups in stores and at shows.
The home theater is fun, I like movies, but the audio is not serious. The two channel system is serious.

I listen to all sorts of music, a lot of New Orleans brass bands lately, Dirty Dozen, Rebirth Brass Band, stuff like that. The new horns are really good on the bass drum and tuba parts and easily decongest crowded soundscapes. 

But I like it all, electronica, bluegrass, classical, blues, flamenco, hot jazz ( love Django ), bebop, big band, whatever, everything.

By the way, 80s/90's SoCal audiophile speaker maker Paul Hales new company, Pro Audio Technology, make expensive home theater horn systems that are Class-D multi-amped with DSP crossovers. His systems are kind of along the same lines as mine, sort of. His statement system midrange horn uses a 41 lb. compression driver with a carbon fiber diaphragm. The only driver I know of like that is the 40 lb. carbon fiber diaphragm Cogent 1428. Interesting.

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