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Post Subject: Working a VeinPosted by Paul S on: 11/2/2013
Most of the technology to do what needs to be done has been around for some time. The obvious conclusion is that it is the ordering of the technology at hand that makes all the difference. As an example, when the first "modern" MC cartridges came on the scene it was a revelation, but only of sorts, because, as ever, MC cartridges came with their own problems.

It seems to me that the biggest problem with TTs is to recover the cost of R&D by getting up to speed to offer and make known a "marketable product" at a price that not only makes it viable for developers but also attractive enough to consumers.  Who could even guess how much it would cost to make a "dream" one-off TT?

Of course, all of this supposes that someone has a clue about the sonic worth of a given techno-aggregate in the first place, even when the latest technologies are included in the product. Many of today's TTs are made from modern materials that are employed mostly because they fit a manufacturing/production/marketing protocol, and/or they are light enough to make handling and shipping less costly. Even heavier materials are often chosen for reasons other than sound.

The bottom line has always been, those who deign to make the commercial TTs make the TTs, and they make them the way they do for their own myriad reasons, whatever those may be. The rest of us are left to use as-is what's offered commercially, or we can modify what is commercially available, or we could conceivably make our own, to suit ourselves. Just now, I see my own "dream" TT as including mostly long standing technology, albeit, perhaps, in contemporary guise.

Paul S  

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