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Post Subject: Omnigon - The Final PhonostagePosted by Stitch on: 10/29/2013

A private Project is finished.


Some record collectors and serious Listeners (RCA Living Stereo, Decca...) wanted the best Phonostage to get what's really in their records. They didn't find something adequate on market what served their demands (No loss of Signal, no coloration, no compression, true tonal color) and decided to build one for themselves, 11 units. With the best parts available, the best technical specs possible, the most advanced RIAA available. Time: 2 years to get all parts and tests.

Decision: Every Part goes to University Lab to get checked for Specs, the first Prototype also to check for isolation of all Parts and cables.

OM 2.jpg

Ultimate Phono preamplifier w/optional line stage. All triode tube design. Full symmetrical.

Unique passive phono EQ. Each tube with its own independent heater supply.

Unique double mono PS with bridge-type tube rectification (8 single-wave rectifiers - 4 each channel) and pure foil CLC-PS.

100 lbs - dual chassis, my 5 Phono inputs (50dB, 63dB, 68dB, 72dB, 77dB pure Phono gain, 81dB Parts also available), Output AES Studio specification, (600 Ω, digital 110 Ω) No- loss-of-Signal-Parts, the best out there (TKD, Silver plugs, Tubes from US Army rocket defensive stations, Silver soldered, Tantal, Caddock, all Parts internal decoupled via Electron microscope devices...)

Result: Superior Detail, accurate specs, no coloration and lifelike Reproduction.The sound ?

Well, it is no longer about sound.

Dynamics, colors, soundstage, 3-dimensionality - yes, all that and much more. But it goes a few significant steps beyond that. Imagine opening the windows of your room on a clear early summer morning. A breeze of fresh air comes in. A communication between the music and the listener.

Then go further in your imagination and tear down the walls of your listening room. All a sudden there is fresh air, the warmth of sun rays on your skin, a world of color, beauty and a flood of details around you.

Touching your senses - with brute directness, unfiltered, unaltered. Involving, dramatic, breathtaking and demanding.

Nothing between you and the nature.

OM back.jpg

You can no longer move your attention away from the music. VERY different from anything else I have ever heard - anywhere.

Quality inspection from Science Lab for every single piece incl. Tubes, final quality report Engineering Lab. 

Never a Mk II version. Tested in University Lab for accuracy before delivered. This one is final.

OM 3.jpg

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