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Post Subject: Silent record cleaner and some further attitude.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/28/2013
Yes, the silent record cleaner is a wet dream any person who spin records. I was thinking about it in past and was considering to put the vacuum mashie from my Nitty Gritty Mini-Pro to basemen and then run a pipe to the machine itself. It is not difficult to do and for sure it would make it the cleaning way quitter. Will it make the cleaning silent? I am not sure. Also, I do not think that it is practically necessary as cleaning in my view requires watching the record been cleaned not to mention that cleaning is restively short and there is no truly relaxing listening experience while another record is cleaning.

I think to have the record clearing experience completely decoupled from listening (and this what I would be very enthusiastic about) would be some kind of cleaning system where you will be able to load a batch of records, push the button and  let it run in completely automated mode, similar dishwasher for instance. It for sure would be way larger and way more expensive mashie and I doubt that someone would invest efforts to invent it not to mention to bring to market.

Do not forget that all of those record cleaner companies are small boutique sweatshop and this is why we see all of these record cleaners for $2K-$5K, wish is ridicules. The contemporary dishwashers or washers/drivers are order of magnitude more complex, functional and expensive but they cost $1.5K. I can only assure you that if we have large market for record cleaner machines and LG, Samsung, Miele Electrolux, Toshiba or Siemens would make them, under an umbrella or reasonable competition, then we would see way more technological savvy and better quality record cleaners machines with max price tag of $300. There is just no market for those things, so we only have basement made devises that are being sold to us with ostentatious attitude as it was some kind of mankind best accomplishment.

BTW, the Stitch’s comment above about the record cleaners with reusable fluid and consecutive filtration is an interesting subject. I never heard about it and I am not sure that it is such a horrible idea.  Of cause it does not sound right on specks but I do not see any reasons why it might not be acceptable.

Rgs, the caT

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