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Post Subject: Ok, let look into this.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/22/2013

you certainly have a point – if you used the techniques above did get sonic benefit then that all that shall count. Well, sort of. You see VTA is no more than the angle under which the needle hit the record and for all intended purpose it is nothing more than the elevation of the tonearm base. It is not some kind of complicated 3 dimensional setting that requires extrasensory perception and exoreic calibration.  So, before your needle was at the angle A. Now after the application the best of the Fremer’s methodology your needle is at the angle B. The difference between the angle A and the angle B is let say 4.6 mm of tonearm elevation and in the angle B position you report the “huge improvement in the sound quality”.

I do not question your finding but I do invite you to go deeper then my hate of Fremer and look for the empirical reasons. You said that you “never able to set VTA by ear” and then in 4.5mm of arm base elevation you report the “huge improvement in the sound quality”. My point is that this 4.5mm did always sexist in your playback and if you slide your arm base up and down then you shall be able to hear that “huge improvement in the sound quality”. I do not knock the Fremer’s methodology – I did not read it and do not know what he said. But I do question why you need the Fremer’s methodology to hear the improvement that you reportedly were not able to hear before.

I hope you understand that I do not ridicule you. I just voice what I hear in your comment.

Romy the Cat

PS: I am sorry that I edited the title of your post, I have my reasons to do it this week. I hope you do not mind.

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