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Post Subject: Usb microscopePosted by mem916 on: 10/22/2013

Well the idea doesn't actually come from Fremer.  He credits Wally Malewicz for it.  Not sure how you feel about him.

In any case for me it was helpful because I just don't have the patience to play a track over and over trying to find the best setting for VTA.  I think I was so far off or the window is so small that I kept missing it (or both).  I just love listening to music and to play a track over and over is like pulling teeth for me.  Now that I have it set to the 92 degrees that at least a few people will tell you is the "correct" setting I may play around again to try to find a better setting "by ear".  At least now I know I am close.  Also it really does sound dramatically better at this "92 degree" setting than it did before. Also now that I have a VTA setting that sounds better than the previous setting I can leave it alone and see what difference the cartridge loading makes. 

Here is the picture I took with the microscope after I finished adjusting:

Eventually I will take another to see if it has changed due to suspension wear.

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