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Post Subject: I have a different takePosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/20/2013
I do not think that “knowledge is gone” even though Stitch points are all accurate in my view. I I do not think that “knowledge” as a formed awareness ever was there. When LPs were pressed in 50 and 60 people have no idea of what level of quality the format was capable of. It is not even that LP is such a spectacular format but rather they have no idea that anything that comes after that would not be acceptable. So, in my view they did what they did, allying own common engineering sense and did not utilize any special knowledge that we attribute to them today. What they did not have for sure is wrong and erroneous knowledge that the brains of today audio developers are saturated. It is not different then speakers design BTW…

I am sure we have today much better understanding, knowledge and technologies. I do not think that we have a willingness today to apply today way more advanced understanding, knowledge and technologies to the fields of Audio. It is like pressing records. We can press today records that might be 100 times better then what we pressed in 50s but the true better contemporary records are still not here.

As in anything else the key to anything is not technologies but people. The quality of audio people, both in making and consumer layers I think is the key why we do not only see well performing TT but why any truly great audio product is a big rarity nowadays. I heard that when Berliner records his first recordings then he had British lords working with him as recording technicians. Today we hardly have nobility in audio and as one very senior audio manufacture told me most of his colleges are drop offs and failures from other industries. I think it is might be the key.

I do not have an answer to the Patrick Mattucci question. I use 40 years old TT and I do not think that I will change it in my life time. It is not because my TT it is better then what is made today (I do not if it is true) but rather because it would take a LOT of completely non-gratifyable efforts to even approach this answer.

I think the biggest subset of Patrick Mattucci’s question if we today have better sound compare to what we had 40 years back.  Well this is very complicated question….

The Cat

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