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Post Subject: Knowledge is gonePosted by Stitch on: 10/20/2013
I think, Romy's Site is the best site about that discussion worldwide. Not because it shows you how to build a top turntable, it shows very clearly that the knowledge about what-is-responsible-for-what is simply no longer existing. It was replaced completely from Internet-Fanboys (mainly ultra stupidos) and marketing. Even when a manufacturer knows something (just in theory), he will know 10 min. later after doing some thinking what he needs and what kind of profit he wants, plus the profits for all others (distributor, dealer, marketing, presents...) the final price range of his unit and of course, some ideas how many units he can probably sell...the only way to do it successful is to make it cheap with a nice finish and an important story behind (sleepless nights, 5 years, in research and development ....).

 In History we also had enough sonic lemons but there was more engineered knowledge behind (from technical view, for example speed stability, most fail here today). Some also missed the sonic target by a mile but the modern idiocy was not so present like today.

Of course it could be done today but when someone takes care about sonic qualities, I am sure, he will fail from financial success. Analog today became long ago a Boutique character (Expensive bottle outside, cheap fluid inside), this "thinking" can't be changed anymore.

 Maybe in Japan or Asia, they have a different kind of view to quality... but not in western hemisphere.

 And the next question is, why should someone offer such a top quality product?  For whom???? The clients have no knowledge about it anyway! Poor or rich, the amount of stupidness ("...yes it sounds good, but do you have a review about it...) is dominant. The distributor has to go the same way all others do (reviews, presents, advertisement, profit range for dealers....) today the average became the "Reference", it is like the tale from the  King with his new clothes, "someone" has to try to bring back a reputation for real knowledge to create a new line. But the logic is, when you do it and the unit is superior, it will be accepted only (!!!) when it is super expensive. When not, than someone is right and others are wrong (stupid), no one in this business accepts that, this blocks business for the others...

 Anyway, not really possible because it needs a lot of enthusiasm. Most use their "enthusiasm" to sell the crap they have, that's enough, no one will do more.

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