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Post Subject: Re: fair pointPosted by guy sergeant on: 2/1/2006
Given that most commercially produced audio equipment is originally the work of engineers, and given that most of it doesn't perform as well as one would like then it is fair to say that engineers generally haven't succeeded in applying what they have learnt to great effect. Or maybe they have but what they've learnt is simply not enough. The best products are perhaps those which get close through competent engineering and then closer still through inspiration and an acute understanding of how the resulting performance should/could be.

These items are rare because few engineers feel the need to take the performance further than 'good enough' or even have any idea what might potentially be achieved. Bean counters often further restrict their research aswell.

I am however amused by your faith in some form of mythical 'real' engineering. Does this type of engineering have any applications beyond the world of audio ie architecture, motor racing, things that fly or that protect/prolong life? I personally doubt it. Those particular fields would have little time for the 'snake-oil salesmen' masquerading as engineers that pervade audio. Claims generally need to be justified or proven in those fields. In audio, people can seemingly claim whatever they want to. No one holds them to account or sues them for incompetence.
I'm not doubting the competence of the Micro designer. I'm sure the turntables are more than 'good enough' but I would be interested to know what you thought he meant to convey.

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