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Post Subject: Mike Lavigne: I was really laughing!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/31/2006

I receive an email form a visitor of my site  with a “news” and was really laughing! Yes! I hate to know everything but proposed by me “The Rules of the Audio Morality Propagation” do work like a Swish watch!

It was enough of one audio cretin (Mike Fremer), with his pornographic-minded mouth strategically placed at the intersection of audio-foolishness (Stereophile Magazine), to scream about a new UPS-deliverable peace of audio as the avantgarde of the audio-nothingness begins to tremble.

The visitor in his email, also laughing, informed me that well exposed Audio Moron from Seattle - Mike Lavigne – is smashing with large NASSA-made hummer his shinny audio and desperately is looking to buy the Fremer's-blassed turntable.

So, for what kind of consciousness the Fremer expertise worked this time?

I met Mike Lavigne once or twice, had conversations with him and could personally testify that in audio Lavigne is unable to understand any more complicated concept then “toilet paper should be soft but a hummer should be hard”.  The guy understand any audio or musical subject ONLY at the point how fast is might be derived by UPS, how shinny the “subject” would look at the phonographs, and how many similar to him idiots would look at him with jealousy.  Mike has a listening room that he mimicked from those Gestapo interrogation chambers and the room staffed with many hundreds thousands dollars constantly revolving audio boxes, the boxes that he is constantly and unconsciousnessly buying explicitly upon the new blows if audio wind. Mike has barbarian musical taste and absolutely clueless what he is doing while he is sitting in his dentist char in font of his gold-plated speakers.  His primitive objectives and his experience in Audio made him to achieve the horrifying sound in his room.

Do you think all above are juts my personal venoms observations? Of course there are but is anything else behind them? Do yourself a favor - do not believe me. Instead visit Mike’s listening room, listen his sound yourself and make you own mind. (Mike invites anyone who can distinct AA form AAA to his listening sessions)

I spoke with at least two dozens people who were in the Mike Lavigne's listening room and all of them, regardless of their experience and reference points expressed not juts extreme dissatisfaction with Sound but also they stated that the Lavigne is absolutely out of slightest touch of how horribly his playback performs. Furthermore, all dealers what ever dealt with him, the people who sold his equipment and consulted Mike Lavigne with purchasing decisions, all of them, told me that Lavigne, although he is a wonderful buyer but at the same time he is a completely clueless and their equipment perfumes horribly in Lavigne's home.  The manufacturers whose equipment is sitting in Mike Lavigne home told me tat when they visited his room then were ready to throw up on their own components because they were completely faultily used and sounded like crap. Ah, did I I mention that Mike Lavigne – the barbarian with a taste of a Neanderthals, audio expertise of my grandmother and the interests of that Indian who gave up the Manhattan island for a hand full of shiny silverware – the very same Mr. Lavigne became a big-time audio reviewer. What else qualification might be desired!!

Mike Lavigne’s sound is not juts a sound of ignorance but the sound of a railway train that applied emergency break and is sliding across the wet trucks. This is not juts a bad sound it is a symbol of the worst objectives, worst reference point and the best “experts” in today’s audio industry

So, for whom the Mike Fremer’s “intelligence” works and to whom it dedicated? The jury is not really out...
In the end, when I got the email informing me that Lavigne “went ballistic” after the Fremer review I was ... satisfied.

Romy the Cat

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