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Post Subject: Price do equate with sound quality.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/31/2006

 drdna wrote:
but let's not forget that we should never equate equipment prices with sound quality.
Absolutely disagree. This believe is the most ridicules accomplished that audio propaganda implanted inept the brains of audio people. Equipment prices should be directly equated with sound quality, this is what price should all about and this is the ONLY rational way the pricing should be applied. The person who pay highest price must have highest sound quality and if it is not the case then the prices strategy was wrong.

In contract to this the audio industry implemented a different model were Price has no reference point to sound quality and relates only to the sound-extraneous binary justifications of production and marketing efforts. Why binary? Because those evidences are compartmentalized and encapsulated, having no relation to anything that might relates to actual sound. Take for instance an abstract well perfuming turntable. Now, add to this turntable an reservoir with heavy water that has no purpose beside juts sitting on the side of the TT. Now begin to convince yourself that a manufacturing of heavy water, separation of deuterium, hydrogen/water catalytic exchange and even the storing of heavy water are expansive presses that require a lot of infrastructure. That would be all correct but how would it be related to actual sound of the TT? 

You said that “but let's not forget that we should never equate equipment prices with sound quality. You said “sound quality” not the salable marketing concepts? How much conversation about real “sound quality” you have seen in any audio review or any price assessment of any component, not to say a turntable? The point is that sound quality is not a tradable commodity by audio industry. However, in my world there are no other commodities besides the sound quality. That is way in my “framework of perception” prices have immediate and direct relation to sound quality. I wish everyone had the same feeling and if they do then that entire idiotic audio industry along, with own artificial price setting would die out and perhaps my new buddy Mike Fremer would go back to flip the burgers in a McDonald, the place what he belongs.

Romy the Cat

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