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Post Subject: Fremerism as a dominating force of Moronism.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/31/2006

 tokyo john wrote:
… If they then get the audio sickness, they will go on to spend many many thousands of dollars, over and over, for very modest incremental improvement to sound…
Actually I do not know if this is correct. In today’s world it is virtually imposable to try a turntable. Even if one has the chance then to facilitate even for yourself any more or less objective listening evaluation is very difficult. To observe the “improvement to sound” is even more complicated as it would requite to know what to look for, most of the morn out there do not know. Also, most of the Morons out there do not use in their TT assessment the main rule  (and the ONLY rule!!!) of playback upgrade:

For instance when the idiot-Framer recently drooled over himself about his new TT it was fine but the ONLY one way in which I might accept his (or anyone else) comments if he was able to name the specific imperfections of his former turntable (before even listening his new one, this is very important!!!) and then, after nail down what was wrong in his previous TT, he would listen the new TT and to observe how the new TT took care about the named imperfections. Any other metal approaches are faulty. No to mention that any worlds and that partially reviewing whore are faulty.

Let forget that the people who do those TT “evaluations” as THEY EVALUATE THE INCREMENTAL DIFFERENCES IN SOUNDS INSTEAD THE INCREMENTAL IMPROVEMENT TO SOUND. What we have to remember that “many thousands of dollars” buy just many features in turntables but not the more advanced sound via a turntable. The asshole Cho-san, the chief-designer of Micro, told me that the art of turntables design is the art of recognizing and managing emotions in materials. I wonder how much of that “recognition” exists among those who just apply the mechanical concept and the sound-unrelated theories to the marketing campaigns…

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