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Post Subject: In vino veritasPosted by de charlus on: 8/9/2013
09 is fine for the Montee de Tonnerre; I would certainly give it a try if you can - anything from Raveneau is usually excellent.

As for the best Bourgogne Rouge, that's usually akin to asking for the best poet in Belgium, but as it happens I've tried three good ones recently;

2010 Bourgogne Rouge Les Bons Batons, Rion

2010 Bourgogne Rouge, Dom Christian Serafin

2008 Bourgogne Rouge, Dom Dugat-Py (or any other vintage, but good luck finding it).

As for Bourgogne Blanc, I've tried two good ones as of late;

2010 Bourgogne Blanc, Haut-Cotes de Nuits Clos St-Philibert, Dom. Meo-Camuzet (always good, but this is really remarkable considering the AOC - I bought one bottle, tried it, and went back half an hour later and bought the rest of their stock).

2008 Bourgogne Blanc, Comte de Vogue (although once again, good luck getting any).

de Charlus

PS With Dauvissat, the Grand Cru I mentioned - Le Clos - is pretty much legendary these days and thus commands serious Burgundy prices. It's worth every cent, but if you don't want to spend all that on Chablis, he makes a 1er Cru Les Forets, which is almost as good at a third to a half of the price, being less legendary, and all that.

Seriously though, go for the Raveneau; you simply wouldn't have believed that Chablis could ever be that good, especially considering that it's the 09 vintage - a remarkable achievement.

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