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Post Subject: Re: no edible cakes available here. bake your own...Posted by guy sergeant on: 1/25/2006

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You do make me laugh sometimes! You really do seem to have problems in seeing the merits in anything if it doesn't fully satisfy the very particular performance criteria you set. As a species such inflexibility wouldn't allow you to evolve very much and you'd soon become extinct.

You used to enjoy the Lamm amplifiers. (viz a particulary gushing eulogy to them that you wrote in 2000 on AA) You are now more aware of their shortcomings. There were certain things in them, in what they did, that enabled you to learn, make progress and evolve. They aren't perfect (now you see it) but they had some merit and that helped you.

Shaping the magnetic circuit of a driver is possibly a good idea. I hope that someone else may see that idea and implement it more effectively resulting in a driver that is closer to my ideal. That, I would regard as progress. For making that aspect of design an issue in the first place I would commend Feastrex (although in this case it isn't an entirely new idea) It doesn't matter that their implementation doesn't work particularly well or that they stuck one of the dreaded yellow cones on the front. The fact is that they may prompt others to develop the idea further.  The same applies to all of the people working with field coils or some of the things you yourself have done with your playback. Others may be provoked into further advancing the science.

By the way, I am no longer an 'industry player' and have not been for some time.

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