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Post Subject: I truly feel so sorry for you peoplePosted by ShuffleSk8Ter on: 8/4/2013
you continue in your name calling to make yourself feel better?...I mean this is what kids did in 6th grade..LOL

I will no longer participate as you all have been brainwashed in thinking and reading(internet) all this garbage on why
horn systems are so good ...I just have to  laugh.... don't you use your hearing? i mean come on if you will never be true to yourself
why bother!

I have read some of mr cat's interest in a small 2 way. non horn loaded speaker... but am begging to understand why he like his fucked up horn system that
plays LOUD ..YOUR FUCKING DEAF my friend.... maybe its time to goto the doctor and have your ears checked god
how old are you mr cat? I am 42 ill be my hearing is much better then yours you old fart...

with all this said i will be nice and not really tell what i really think about horn some of you this is a hobby
but some of us(me) its a serious as a heart attack!

so in closing ...I feel you will never get it...its just one of those know musical IQ some people have it(me) and you dont!

good luck to you and enjoy your fucked up systems


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