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Post Subject: Moron is too nice. Moron is actually a very nice tePosted by rowuk on: 8/4/2013
Here is the Webster Online Dictionary ( definition of the word Moron:

Definition of MORON

1usually offensive : a person affected with mild mental retardation
2: a very stupid person

In this threads case, moron is actually a very safe place for you to be. The truly retarded can't know better and get sympathy. It becomes offensive when the "target" has the ability to know better but actively maintains ignorant behavior.
 I know that school is out and you don't have enough to do.  In a couple of months you will be perhaps in the 9th grade, maybe get a physics class and learn a little bit about what we talk about here. Most of us are really trying things out - generally with a fair amount of success. We document what works and discuss what does and what does not. You obviously have zero practical or technical knowledge of music, audio or life in general. I have no interest in trying to educate some "know it all" punk and will not respond to any more nonsense. Romy replied to your ignorance very eloquently but none of us expected you to understand it.
 Perhaps looking up the term "rebuttal" could be useful. Here Merrian Webster again:



 noun \ri-ˈbə-təl\
: the act of rebutting especially in a legal suit; also : argument or proof that rebuts

There are many dictionaries and online resources that discuss how to "argue" or refute in an intelligent manner. Did you notice the word "PROOF". There are hundreds of REASONS that a particular architecture could not appeal to someone. Intelligence starts when a logical approach is developed to quantify those reasons. Simply calling something BS without proof is not a "rebuttal". I can offer the math and proper documentation for any of the points that I mentioned - not that proof would have any space between your ears. The only BS in this thread has been your presence. Welcome to my PTI (People To Ignore or in your case -Punks To Ignore) list. I suggest looking for a real blog space where no one has a clue. Maybe there you will appear "intelligent" or more easily become a "valued" member. I spend the little time that I have with people that can offer something.

Maybe when you grow up we will have something to talk about. I won't be actively waiting for that day. Goodbye.

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