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Post Subject: My rebuttlePosted by ShuffleSk8Ter on: 8/3/2013
:Deciding for horns is actually very easy. Why:
1) in the common sense range for each horn/driver they have far LESS distortion than any standard dynamic driver covering the same bandwidth. I define distortion as frequencies not originally in the recording space. That can be harmonic distortion (multiples of the desired frequencies - most objectionable are the odd harmonics), intermodulation distortion-when two frequencies produce sum and difference tones, transient distortion when the playback system "limits" transient response by phase, speed of the driver, limited dynamic capability

This is utter nonsense for the very simple fact that horns and it inherent coloration/distortion of adding a horn to the driver
(amplifying device) cancels out any positive effects of higher efficiency etc..further more most if not all horn loaded compression
drivers have a metal cone/diaphragm these devices have THERE OWN distortion and ringing!... adding to the horn part making some
frequencys addictive and some completely cancel out! this is why you see so many people put foam or and acoustic absorbing
devise in the mouth of the horn.....the ONLY beneifit to a horn loud speaker is it will play very loud.......big deal! this does not make them
good or play like real live music......and the old saying of people if your not good play LOUD! LOL

quote:2 in the common sense range they can allow use of very high sound quality low power amplifiers - quality hardly available at the high power necessary for less efficient solutions

again total BS! this is what everyone continues to say of there advantage of high efficiency horn speaker I know from personal experience
I have built many many low power 1.5watt-3watt single ended amplifiers there is no real advantage actually tube amps
have less advantage they have a bandwidth limiting device in them there output transformer

quote:3) with a common sense, intelligent architecture they can offer a better balanced, more cohesive soundstage

 this does not make sense as most if not all horn speakers have limitied bandwidth either on the bottom or on the top
or both furthermore..soundstage have little to do with the speakers and more to do with the room...soundstage 3d etc all BS audiophool
crap that does not relate to real music sir!

4) the radiation pattern causes less room problems by delivering the energy where it is needed instead of unnecessarily and uncontrolled bouncing off of side walls, floor and ceiling

again all utter BS... when was the last time you were in a concert hall? EVERYTHING IS REFLECTED SOUND SIR if  you like
that forced in your face presentation fine but don't tell me this is what you hear live!!

5) the gain that the horn creates can be matched to the driver/system and helps optimize its use for a given bandwidth, this allows for sonically far less intrusive crossovers

see my response in #1

6) it is true, if you are hearing MORE, the warts also become more obvious. Instead of hiding them with lesser technologies, solving the problem becomes a far more worthy goal

I don't think you understand what your hearing...your hearing the added coloration/distortion ...along with the signal and
thinking that your beloved horns are the most reveling speakers LOL

the moral of this little rebuttle is horn speakers are far to messed up to be able to bring the live musical event home... if you like
them fine but just because you like them does not mean they are the real thing or resemble the real thing people need to be
real with themselves and there playback systems...if are  a regular at the BSO CSO or where ever you live and have a musical
IQ then you will realize real quick that horn speakers ANY CONFIGURATON will not be what you hear live..

be real to yourself..



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