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Post Subject: All blondes are dumb, no blacks can swim, all arabs are terrorists, Fidelity backward?Posted by rowuk on: 7/31/2013
I really thought your post deserved no answer based on the fact that anyone that lumps all instances (imagined and experienced) together simply does not have the ability to apply common sense. No discussion could ever end with acceptable results. Obviously you have not even taken the time to scope the depth of the discourse here at Romy's site..........

I simply suggest that you visit Romy's playback part of the forum and do a bit of homework. You will quickly realize that your scope of things have missed some very important opportunities.

Musical IQ as you define it is something generally missing in people that think that they have it. Why? Well, the typical audiophool knows quite a bit about music but applies no common sense to playback - rather exactly as you posted rely on prejudices to guide their actions.

Horns that are used within their "common sense" range can offer outstanding results.

Of course there are intelligent blondes, blacks can swim and most Arabs are not terrorists. I am not sure about your ability to objectively review your stated prejudice however. Only you can "prove" that you have the ability to read, understand and react in a sensible fashion.......

I am a trumpet player in a symphony orchestra. Horns can even reproduce the string sounds that I experience on stage in a VERY believable manner - the dynamics of what I experience on stage challenge most all other forms of playback in a very serious way however.

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