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Post Subject: Horn loaded until what frequenciesPosted by Jorge on: 7/30/2013
No system ever resembles live music.  imho.  But you can get pretty close.

Can you describe or share a pic of the horrid horns systems you have listened to?

I also hate most badly designed "horn" systems too.

Usually most "Horn" systems have a 15" woofer crossing over to a little horn loaded by a compression driver at around 1 khz.
The horn turns out to be shouty and the woofer punchy and not really mix in toghether. 
If this is your experience with horns,  I would agree.

If you have lisitened to a Back loaded horn... I would agree with you too.

Have you heard a system with a Front loaded horn going down to at least 150 hz? 
Not made out of plastic?

You would need at least a 4 way system.

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