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Post Subject: Why Horn loaded systems?!Posted by ShuffleSk8Ter on: 7/30/2013
starting off I want to Thank Romy for hosting this forum Lots of information to think on...we as some people here have much in common
 some not so much hense the post

I attend many live un-amplified operas, college band, and symphonic music geners I also have taken part in recording some of these events
so i have some knowledge and understanding of what real music sounds like.... I call this musical IQ some people have it and some just dont
(reviewers) point in all this I see romy and others  talk a lot about music in musical ways which is very good as I have really grown tired of your typical
audiophool who knows nothing about music...... Idiots! 

but this is where we part ways....Horn systems do not play music! there is no horn system that even resembles real music maybe
good for crap rock studio shit or PA use...idiots etc.. IMO

I have listened to several home built horn systems and a few commercial systems they all suck ...they all have non musical distortion! in a not good way!!
so what gives? am i missing something are you all deaf too?


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