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Post Subject: Re: Truth stretch ...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/24/2006

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 guy sergeant wrote:
I have looked at the Feastrex website. The picture you show is of one of their permanent magnet drivers. This uses their Naturflux magnetic circuit. Mr Akiyama's quote also refers to one of these permanent magnet drivers so you shouldn't be attacking him on account of marketing bs with regard to their electromagnetic drivers. If you actually read what they are saying and then look at the picture it becomes quite obvious.
I applaud the fact that they seem to be paying attention to the shape of the magnetic circuit. Although it isn't a new idea, very few driver (and especially cartridge) manufacturers do. I believe there are still great improvements to be made in this area of transducer design.

Well, wherever Feastrex people say about thiere attention to “shape of the magnetic circuit” is fine but it is just the words what they say. Producing  for instance a poor driver with granite-made diaphragm and at the same time to “pay attention to the shape of the magnetic circuit” dose not make a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Regarding me “shouldn't be attacking him on account of marketing BS with regard to their electromagnetic drivers”…. Well, if you look at the Feastrex price list then you might understand what Mr. Akiyama intended to say:


However, my primary concern is not the fact that Mr. Akiyama presents his not-Naturflux  (that should be very bad according to you and Akiyama) electromagnetic circuits for higher price. My primary questioning was his credibly and his honesty. It is not big deal to demonstrate an insultingly poor sound at CES, everyone did it, so what? When I meant you a coupe years ago at CES you room did not have any interesting sound, or even any noble objectives. It was not big deal; I did not think you were even trying to do anything interesting at that time. However, you knew quite well the Sound you had and it was OK with you.  Still, you did bulb here and there to the people who were not there that your room had “outstanding sound at CES”. If you did, then there are only two options: you are a liar or you have no idea what outstanding sound might be. This is THE reason why I motioned Mr. Akiyama.

 guy sergeant wrote:
Were the drivers that you heard at the CES the field coil units or the D5nf (permanent magnet) drivers he says they were playing at CES?

They were permanent magnet- the D5NF model

 guy sergeant wrote:
I can understand that perhaps you were unimpressed by whatever they were using but perhaps your eagerness to be the one (and only) person who really understands and really 'does' field coil drivers has got the better of you on this occasion!

Well, according to my new friend Mikey the FremyMouse it is not my understanding of sound that derived me but my jealousy. In addition, I did not claim any understanding of what is really doing on with field coils”. What I do claim is that people who declare experience and expertise in the field coil world do not have credibility and DEMONSTRABLE SUCCESSES to define the benefits of the electromagnet topology. 

If you can’t grasp the differences then it is OK by me…

Romy the Cat

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