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Post Subject: Re: An interesting reading on the subject…Posted by drdna on: 1/24/2006

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Definitely a good read, once again revealing that Romy has done his homework.  Even though I was born and raised in a small town in the USA, I have half-Japanese heritage and I consistently "scored" Japanese on the tests in the aforementioned discourse.

I find it interesting, since I wasn't raised Japanese and don't know the language, so there must be some hard-wiring.  This may be why I can easily hear the difference between a small piece of silver wire or copper wire in my system, but I can also ignore when the tweeters aren't working and still enjoy the music.  I just listen to what is "right" with the Sound and ignore the bad sounds in my system.

Maybe this is why so many Western reviewers are obsessed with the bass response of their systems and why I can be happy just listening to 78's on a Gramophone.  Anyone else have this experience?



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